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Check out a site dedicated to the pursuit of finding the BEST smelling candles on the market. We are the ultimate candle lovers and consumers. We don't sell candles... we buy them, review them and the report our finding to you on Candlefind.

We critique many factors - customer service, quality of the candles, were they strong? Authentic? Clean Burning? All are important factors when purchasing candles online because let's face it.... not all candles are not created equally. Some are horrible, weak, not the greatest quality. Some companies are awesome, go the extra mile for you etc and other don't...

We shop it all from big named brands like Yankee and Bath & Body Works to small intimate mom and pop sites that are handmade to order.

Sooooooo many great companies out there offering high quality candles that will knock your socks off in every shape and size from glass candles to scented pillars, votives, tealights, candle accessories, wax melts/tarts - you name it. We review it all!

So check out Candlefind and let your search for the best smelling candles begin.

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In this section, you will find our Editor's Picks - where each reviewer lists their picks for "best scented candles"  - We've reviewed hundreds of companies so you know we've found some awesome sites along the way. We list our picks in many different categories... these are tried and true companies we love and highly recommend. 

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In this section we list reviews on various candle companies we've purchased from. Each review is listed from the newest to last under each specific reviewers page. We've reviewed hundreds of companies from big brands to small. Check it out!

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